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Undercover Heiress

1 min

Selina Murphy (Megan McGillicuddy), the rebellious daughter of billionaire George Murphy, returns from Europe, unwittingly thrust into a world of high stakes and hidden identities.

Upon arrival at LAX, she dodges her father's bodyguards by disguising herself as a cleaning lady, sparking a series of mistaken identities and corporate espionage. Determined to carve her own path as a fashion designer, Selina is coerced by her father into a three-month engagement with Nick Branson (Kasey), the CEO of a high-end jewelry company, to secure her freedom. Under the alias 'Selina Collins,' she enters the company as an intern, keeping her true identity a secret. Her presence at JS Jewelry stirs jealousy and suspicion among her colleagues, especially as her fake identity begins to unravel. Grace Murphy, an opportunist posing as a Murphy heiress, complicates matters by attracting unwanted attention and suspicion.

As Selina navigates the cutthroat corporate world and her growing feelings for Nick, she must outsmart those who underestimate her and expose the truth before her façade is blown.


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